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    Day of the proclamation Republic of Italy
    Ambassador of Italy to Latvia Giovanni Polizzi June 4 held a in Riga reception on the occasion of the National Day of Italy.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    04.06.2013 (6885)

    Friendship Avenue
    On the May 31 in the place near Riga Rukishi members of the Diplomatic Club took part in the annual event Planting Lilac bushes in the Friendship Avenue
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    31.05.2013 (5308)

    Cooperation Hungary and Latvia
    May 30 Ambassador of Hungary to Latvia Mr. Gabor Dobokay made a presentation and meeting with entrepreneurs about the prospects of the development of mutually advantageous economic relations
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    30.05.2013 (7394)

    Sanatorium Amber Shore celebrates 40 years of activity
    May 18 sanatorium «Amber Shore» in Jurmala celebrated the 40th anniversary of its activities. Amber Shore sanatorium opened May 3, 1973.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    19.05.2013 (5891)

    Norwegian Constitution Day
    The Art Museum Riga Bourse May 17 the Ambassador of Norway to Latvia Mr. Jan Grevstad held a reception on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Norway
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    17.05.2013 (5293)

    Bilgin Ozkan finishes work in Latvia
    Counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Latvia on Economic Affairs Bilgin Ozkan finishes work in Latvia and will continue to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Ankara
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    16.05.2013 (6744)

    Democratic making decisions
    «Democratic making decisions and experimentation» in the direction of dissertation of «Mathematical modeling of the political and economic processes in nation building.» Defense was held on May 14 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    14.05.2013 (5162)

    Laying the flowers on the 9th May
    On the 9th May, the Day when the Soviet Union won the Nazi Germany in the WWII, Ambassadors of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan Embassy representatives took part in the ceremony of laying the flowers at the Brethren Cemetery in Riga.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    09.05.2013 (5527)

    Reception on the occasion of the Day of the Constitution of Poland
    May 3rd Ambassador of Poland to Latvia Mr. Jerzy Marek Nowakowski held a reception on the occasion of the Constitution Day. The first Polish Constitution is the oldest in Europe.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    03.05.2013 (5356)

    Reception of the Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands in Riga
    The Museum «Riga Bourse» in Riga on April 30, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Hendrik Gerrit Cornelis van den Dool held a reception to mark the country’s main holiday — Konninginnedag / Queen’s Day
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    30.04.2013 (5446)

    Grand Prix Tourfilm goes to Dubai
    April 27 in Riga took place awards ceremony of the international competition of tourism films. Grand Prix of the festival and the first prize in the category of «Cultural Tourism» was the film of the Department of Tourism Dubai. The award was received Sergey Kanaev, a representative of the DTCM Dubai in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    27.04.2013 (5848)

    Celebrations of Israel
    Reception in the Embassy of Israel in Latvia, the ambassador Hagit Ben YaakovOn the 18th of April in Riga, was held the reception of the Embassy of Israel in event of 65th anniversary of Israel independence.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    23.04.2013 (5410)

    Diplomatic Economic Club®

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    Diplomatic Club for Peace Appeal to world leaders and humanity

    Diplomatic Economic Club strongly condemns and is not accepting any kind of aggression, military collisions, wars between countries, which are happening here close in the center of Europe, on the other continents of the world, in Asia, in Africa.
    Nothing can justify the use of force in any cases, everywhere it leads to suffering of civilians.
    We call all parts, leaders of all levels for a peaceful solution of any disagreements through the dialog and negotiations.
    Only the Peace on our planet, olny Friendship and mutual understanding promote the life of people.
    Please don't even allow yourself any thought about World War III, about nuclear weapons.
    All the humanity remembers the wars of the 20th century, and if somebody has forgotten, please remember. Diplomatic Club for Peace

    Stop War! Peace All over the World

    Diplomatic Economic Club
    unites members from 37 countries of the world.
    Diplomatic Economic Club – is a unique association where people from different countries are to find a common language and contribute to the development of contacts between businessmen of the countries they represent.
    1997 — the beginning of the formation of the idea of creating a club, the establishment of internal interactions in the club on the basis of international exhibitions in Riga, periodic meetings.


    She phrase „Economic Diplomacy“ assumes the diplomatic official activities that are focused on increasing exports, attracting foreign investment and participating in work of the international economic organisations