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Tikhonov Evgeny  

Evgeny Tikhonov  
Tikhonov Evgeny

Tikhonov Evgeny
1997 — 2003 — President Diplomatic Economic Club
Honorary President

Born: 1948
The Riga polytechnical institute 1966
Academy of arts of Latvia 1969 — 1972
Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa at Moscow state university 1975-1977
Academy of foreign trade 1983-1985

Since 1973 — work in system of foreign economic relations of the USSR, the Trade mission of the USSR in Egypt 1985-1990
Since 1991 work on supervising posts in the Ministry of external economic relations of the Russian Federation.
Since May 1996 — November 4th 2005 year Head of Trade Counselor Division, Russian Embassy.
2006, August -2012 — Counselor, the chief of an economic department of Embassy of Russia in Latvia
Married, has the daughter.

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