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Viktor Borecky  

Viktor Borecky

Viktor Borecky
Director of the Department for Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia
2006-2007 President of Club

Born in 1965
Married, two sons.
1989 — Agriculture economic university in the city of Nitra, Slovakia.
1994 — has defended the dissertation and has received a rank of the candidate of agricultural sciences
The working experience:
1993-1995 — Institute scientifically — the technical information of an agriculture Nitra
1995-1996 — Ministry of Agriculture of Slovakia
1996-2000 — Embassy of Slovakia in Moscow, Trading — an economic department, the third Secretary
2000-2002 — Ministry of Agriculture of Slovakia, Director of Department of external communications
2002-2004 — Embassy of Slovakia in Riga, the Head Trading — the economic department, the first Secretary
2004-2007 — Private business
2007 — 2013 Head of Commercial and Economic Section Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kazakhstan
2013 — 2015 Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2015 — 2018 Counselor of the Embassy of Slovakia in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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